Doreen Milano, CPC

Of late we have all heard phrases like “The New Normal” and “The New Next” being pushed about like they are the answer to what ails us as a community or society. This morning I started thinking about what social and economic leaders are trying to communicate using the phrases “The New …”. Hearing something […]

Virtual events, meetings, and online communities are not a new idea but with the rise of safety concerns during the COVID-19 outbreak, these are becoming more common. Finding ways to continue to host events, network, and connect with others while obeying social distancing norms can be a challenge but adapting is crucial to our livelihood […]

Life was good before! Life is chaos now!  In the moment of having what was, the freedom to move and do what you want is what you look to regain. It’s no secret of what we’re seeing in the news, the hourly updates on our current state of emergency it’s hard to know what is […]

With a new year brings new opportunities, challenges, and change. While it can bring growth and benefits it can also be a high stress period. A McKinsey study found that merely 26% of transformation initiatives succeed. So how do you manage it all? Hiring a business coach can help grow your chances of success and […]

This year is the start of a new decade. As the New Year resolutions pour in, hiring a business coach is a great way to stay accountable. At Visions to Excellence we believe focusing on building businesses, we create a stronger community. That means, if you are an entrepreneur, company executive or woman-owned, community-based organization, […]