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Our team has helped businesses like yours navigate through unchartered territory toward sustainable business growth. Our business advisors have held senior management positions just like yours. We have a first-hand understanding of small and mid-market company leadership, culture and challenges.




Founder & Business Growth Speaker


Doreen Milano CPC is an Executive Consultant with a demonstrated ability to identify business obstacles, whether in your corporate culture, profitability/margins, equity growth, marketing or employee retention/engagement. Once the obstacle to success is identified, she provides both short-term turn-around solutions and long-term solutions for mid-sized and small businesses. She’s used her vast experience across many business verticals to apply many lessons and best practices to help your business achieve its true potential.

Her love for business began early in life. As a child of an entrepreneurial family, she worked at her father’s business learning the processes that result in success. It was her family’s dedication to their local community that influenced Doreen’s vision to build communities by supporting local businesses.

Doreen founded Visions to Excellence with the purpose helping businesses become healthy by implementing custom solutions- depending on the specific pain point your business is experiencing. She listens carefully and then takes a collaborative approach to work directly with business owners, leadership teams and front-line employees (when necessary) to identify business challenges. Most businesses have challenges but Doreen’s experience indicates that challenges stem from operational roadblocks and culture killers, to leadership development. Once the pain points are identified, Doreen will provide specific, strategic steps to strengthen those areas so revenue potential can be achieved.

Her strength lies in helping mid-sized and small business owners grow their customer base, employee count and ultimately their ability to generate revenue. She founded Visions to Excellence over a decade ago to serve as a business consultant and growth advisor following a successful career serving corporations as CEO, CFO and controller of diverse organizations on the West Coast and in Dallas. Doreen shares her experiences while taking a results driven approach to business consulting and leadership development focused on driving measurable results and sustainable change.

As Doreen transitioned from positions in small businesses to a career with a Fortune 100 company, she found her niche in business transformation. Her expertise in identifying the “cause and effect” related to business challenges comes from decades of experience so she knows how to help you develop best practices that enable your company to regenerate your processes resulting in success.