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Our team has helped businesses like yours navigate through unchartered territory toward sustainable business growth. Our business advisors have held senior management positions just like yours. We have a first-hand understanding of small and mid-market company leadership, culture and challenges.


Business Growth Speaker

Brad Denniston

Brad Denniston has over 40 years of combined business and coaching experience. He helps people make big shifts in what they think is possible. He has been the founder and architect of a four-year-old Silicon Valley startup focused on network management software.

Brad is called the Man of Many Hats for many reasons. His experience includes owning and running several companies, holding positions as a Marketing Manager, Software Architect, Software Manager, and as a Computer Science instructor at San Jose State University for several years. He received coaching training at CTI, whose programs set the industry standard for industry quality, global recognition, and scientific efficacy.

This combination of experience as a business owner, active business coach, marketing manager and teacher makes Brad an invaluable sounding board for business owners and a great addition to our team of business consultants.

"A General's plan is only as good as the officers who carry it out.” In a small business, many/most of your officers are you. Are they the best you can get? Are you the best person to help them to be better?"

Doreen Milano, CPC

Doreen Milano is the founder of Visions to Excellence. A business consultant and growth advisor, Doreen brings to the firm a long career as a CEO, CFO and controller of diverse organizations in the San Francisco and Dallas areas. By taking a results-driven approach to business consulting and leadership development, she focuses on helping companies achieve measurable results and sustainable change.

Doreen founded Visions to Excellence with the purpose of creating healthy Business Cultures and implementing unique solutions for her clients. Believing strongly in collaboration, she works together with business leaders to identify challenges, from operational roadblocks to leadership development, and creates strategic steps to strengthen those areas.

Doreen’s love for business began early in life. As a child of an entrepreneurial family, she worked at her father’s business learning the processes that bring success. It was her family’s dedication to their community that influenced her goal to build communities by supporting businesses.

As Doreen transitioned from positions at small businesses to a career with a Fortune 100 company, she found her niche in business transformation. Her expertise in effective modeling and developmental best practices has enabled her to regenerate company processes and create business success.

Doreen’s unique approach identifies obstacles, whether in Culture, profitability, equity growth, marketing or employee engagement and works to provide long-term solutions. A Certified Business Coach (CPC), trainer and speaker, she helps businesses realize their true potential.

San Jose Business Coach

Man of Many Hats

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