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What is Your Challenge?

We work with clients at each stage: start-up, growth, and maturity. Each business is unique with a distinctive set of goals, strengths, and challenges.
Our consulting and coaching services will help you make strategic and effective changes targeted to your specific situation.

Business Consulting

Increased Performance. Sustainable Results. Inspired Outcomes.

Our consulting and advising service is tailored to your needs. We work together with you to design solutions that meet the specific demands and challenges your organization faces. Our professional business advisors will help you produce measurable and sustainable results that give you a competitive edge. Whether you are based in Dallas or in the San Francisco Bay Area, our team will help you drive business performance, fill in the gaps in your existing business education or increase your personal effectiveness in the workplace.

Building a Strong Foundation


PASSPORT System™ to Business Growth

Our PASSPORT System to Business Growth is a strong and effective tool for developing and implementing a strategic business plan within your organization. This process incorporates all critical success factors: financial systems and controls, tracking and reporting, employee performance, and work environment.

Assess, Measure and Track

Ask us about tools you can use to chart your progress and make the necessary adjustments to maintain momentum, keep on track, and reach your goals.

Solve Nagging Problems

Call us to discover how to remedy problems including poor cash flow, low sales, low profits, or employee turnover.

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Our Holistic Approach

At Visions to Excellence, we look at your business from a holistic point of view and bring clarity and a fresh perspective to your unique vision. We want to understand what success looks like to you. 

Understanding how the business culture has been developed, recognizing and where the culture is and where it needs to go in the future.


How do you want to contribute to the world?

Where will you find the greatest satisfaction?

How do your values fit in with your business?

How do you want your business to fit into your lifestyle?


 We work with you to answer those questions and define your road to success.

bay area executive coaching

Executive Coaching

Transform Your Leadership

We help leaders at all levels develop the skills they need to succeed. Because each leadership style is different, we take a personalized approach. Our coaches work to understand management strengths and challenges within a company’s big picture. We begin by meeting leaders where they are.  We build an actionable plan for success focusing on the needs of each leader in the framework of their organizational and personal goals.

Coaching for Lasting Change

Our executive coaches will enpand your leadership capacity and enable a higher level of performance.

Uncover Your Leadership Potential

Your executive coach will help you find your own leadership style and voice and assist you in creating sustainable methods for team success.

Find Guidance and Inspiration

Your coach will inspire you and motivate you to reach your fullest potential and the potential of your team.

Maximize Business Performance

Your executive coach will offer new business best practices to ensure your business runs smoother and becomes more profitable.

Make Important Changes

Your coach will observe behaviors that need modification and train you in better, more effective alternatives.

Offer Valuable Feedback

Through open communication, your coach will provide an honest critique and recommendations to help you improve your skills as a business executive or owner.

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When to Hire an Executive Coach

As a business leader, you may have the drive, the skills, and the vision, but there are times when you need professional guidance. You don’t need to go it alone as you navigate through your career or business. Whether you’re looking to improve your practices, fix an existing problem, manage an employee challenge, or build skills for the future, a professional coach will offer insight. A mentor and motivator who keeps you on track, a coach will provide the guidance you need to become a superstar.

Business Values – At The Core of Your Culture

Define Core Values for Business

Defining core values is important to the overall success of a business. At Visions to Excellence, we help leaders identify those standards. The guiding principles of a company, core values are what support the vision and shape the culture of an organization. Values are the light guiding each financial, marketing, product, service, and employee decision. They are the cornerstone of identity and brand.

Creating business values requires insight into what drives everything you do: your vision, mission, and philosophy.

Components of Core Values


A business vision statement looks ahead into the future. It defines what you stand for as a business, the positive impact you seek, and the goals for your business and employees.


A company mission statement illustrates your company direction and purpose. It explains to customers and employees why you exist. It defines your brand and identity, internally and externally.


An organization’s philosophy outlines the basic beliefs that people in the business are expected to hold and be guided by, especially how people should perform and conduct themselves. Your philosophy will guide your employees at decision-making crossroads.

Let Us Help You Identify Your Core Values

CULTURAL NORMS Developing Guiding Principles

We provide a full analysis of your company’s vision, mission and philosophy. It’s essential that all three accurately encompass your core values and reflect both your brand promise and your personal values.

Business Growth Speaker

Seminars. Workshops. Training. Consulting.

With over 25 years of experience presenting at workshops and conferences for businesses across a wide range of industries and non-profit organizations, Doreen Milano’s straightforward approach to educating audiences on topics that range from business strategy and core values to leadership personalities has made her a sought-after speaker.

Her process will provide your business with the tools necessary to take your business to the next level with proven and practical strategies.

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Next Steps Panel Discussion
  • Business Transition with Grace
  • From Problem to Solution in 3 Easy Steps
  • The Top 5 Reasons for Business Failure

A Practical and Effective Approach

Doreen’s real-world experience and credibility helps you to create action steps for your business that can be implemented immediately to bring about positive business outcomes.

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