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Defining Core Values for Business

Defining core values is important to the overall success of a business. At Visions to Excellence, we help leaders identify those standards. The guiding principles of a company, core values are what support the vision and shape the culture of an organization. Values are the light guiding each financial, marketing, product, service, and employee decision. They are the cornerstone of identity and brand.

Creating business values requires insight into what drives everything you do: your vision, mission, and philosophy.

Components of Core Values

  • Vision A business vision statement looks ahead into the future. It defines what you stand for as a business, the positive impact you seek, and the goals for your business and employees.
  • Mission A company mission statement illustrates your company direction and purpose. It explains to customers and employees why you exist. It defines your brand and identity, internally and externally.
  • Philosophy An organization’s philosophy provides the framework for the basic beliefs that those within the organization are expected to hold and be guided by. This framework includes how people should perform and conduct themselves.Your philosophy will guide your employees in decision-making crossroads.

Developing Guiding Principles

We provide a full analysis of your company’s vision, mission, and philosophy. It’s essential that all three accurately encompass your core values and reflect both your brand promise and your personal values.


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