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Helping a small firm in San Jose, CA

Visions to Excellence helps small professional firm in San Jose solve cash flow & employee retention and hit sales targets!

The Client’s Problem: Our client was struggling to survive but determined to do so, so they contacted us for help.

  • Poor cash flow was delaying orders and payments.
  • High employee turnover was costing the company a lot of money and keeping the company from delivering on its promises to customers.
  • Sales were sluggish; competitors were eating the business’ lunch.

The Visions to Excellence Solution:

The business consulting process began with gaining an in-depth understanding of what was causing the problems. As part of this discovery process, we explored with the business owner the fit between his values and his goals (Culture Discovery) to be sure they were in sync.

The cash flow problem was identified, and we helped the business owner identify the changes that were needed to get the cash flowing again.

Result: The solution was implemented, and within two weeks, cash flow started to improve significantly.

What was causing the employee turnover was two-fold: Culture and pay structure. We guided the business owner in creating a new compensation plan that would motivate and reward employees for their performance; key employees’ compensation was tied to the growth and health of the company. Steps were also taken to foster a Culture of teamwork and support.

Result: Within six weeks, turnover was no longer a problem and employee morale improved. People were enjoying work again.

To get the sales engine going, we helped the business develop a challenging yet achievable growth plan with clear milestones. The new pay structure was designed in such a way as to motivate and reward the salespeople. The plan included adding staff at the appropriate time to sustain growth.

Result: The growth plan timeline was exceeded once the team was cohesive, and the firm moved into a larger facility to support its growth on time.

Santa Cruz Business Owner Finally Achieves Healthy Work-Life Balance

Business owner in Santa Cruz is finally able to achieve a healthy life-work balance—and increase sales!

The Client’s Problem: This client is a business owner who runs a sales office staffed by two part-time outside consultants.

  • Work was taking over his life; he was working 50-65 hours a week and feeling tired and frustrated.
  • Despite the long hours, his operation wasn’t producing the sales he was looking for; his close ratio was low

The Visions to Excellence Solution:

As we analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the business, we saw that a very fundamental aspect was missing Cultural Foundation: our client didn’t have a clear vision for what he wanted from his business. We helped him create a mission and vision for the business that fit with his personal values (a lack of synchronicity will prevent a business from achieving its full potential). The vision included a clear statement of goals including sales targets and a plan to get there.

When we looked at the nitty-gritty of the business operation, we identified a great deal of inefficiency. We recommended a number of changes to streamline operations. We worked as a team with the owner to build and implement new systems and processes that automated time-consuming tasks:

  • Built a customer portal to gather client information needed to complete a sales transaction including a customer self-directed process for due diligence. This eliminated the need for personnel to hound the client for their documents and cut payroll expenses.
  • Eliminated an outside service and replaced it with a custom-designed process to fulfill the service purchased by the client.
  • Reduced the time spent on recruitment of contractors: developed a test for applicants who had to meet certain requirements before they were eligible for an interview.

Results: The business owner gained a new lease on life. He was able to cut his work week to 40 hours and reduce operating expenses. The number of sales closed increased, boosting his annual income significantly to $400,000 per year. Now that a couple of years have passed Our client happily reports continued increases as they move towards over 1.2M. We call this working smarter, not harder!

Visions to Excellence Helps Client in the Healthcare Industry

Business consulting helps healthcare provider to feel empowered and grow practice!

The Client’s Problem: Our client worked alone in her practice and was aware she needed office support.

  • Poor cash flow
  • Lack of feeling empowered in the practice, office support needed
  • Client attrition

The Visions to Excellence Solution:

We worked with our client to clarify her Cultural Foundation: values and vision for the practice. They were not in total alignment, which was holding her back from achieving more success in her practice and greater personal satisfaction. Through a series of conversations, we were able to help her gain new insight into her values and practice.

We helped her create a detailed profile of the support person needed in the office and we coached her on how to interview.

Result: She hired an employee who is meeting or exceeding all performance expectations and contributing to a positive environment in the office. Our client now feels supported and empowered in her practice.

We collaborated with the client on the development of a marketing plan to attract new clients.

Result: Attrition is down due to the support provided by the new office employee, and new client acquisition has increased along with annual income.

To cover the cost of employee training, which was a new expense, we found unique ways to lower overhead.

Result: A critical process was developed and instituted within the practice providing an on-going utility with no increase in budget.

East Bay Contractor Builds the Right Foundation for His Business to Reach Sales Goal

East Bay contractor builds the right foundation for his business to reach target of $1M in sales

The Clients Problem: Our client, who employs eight full-time employees, knew that in order to grow he needed to get his own house in order. With the economy strong in the Bay area, he saw a lot of opportunity for growth.

  • Lack of basic systems to support business activities and employees, and support growth
  • The frontend of the business wasn’t getting the necessary support from the backend
  • Reliant on outside accounting service
  • More effective sales and training systems to increase client satisfaction

The Visions to Excellence Solution:

We began by helping the business owner shift his mindset shift from seeing himself as a builder to seeing himself as a business owner, business builder, and business leader. As a Leader his Job was to focus on the Culture and how it supports clients, employees and vendors. To help build cohesion and morale among employees, we advised our client on holding team-building events to increase cohesion and morale among employees.

We worked closely with the business owner to develop and implement many new systems:

  • Established policies and procedures to ensure smooth operations
  • In four months, we trained an accounting function within the business and canceled outside service
  • Optimized cost accounting for jobs
  • Established an employee training and development plan
  • The identification and installation of a plug and play estimation system for the bid process

Results: The new systems increased the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. It is expected that business will be able to reach its sales goal of $1M in 2015 and that client satisfaction with the process and the completed product will be increased.

Santa Cruz Insurance Agency Brought Back to Life

Visions to Excellence Helps Santa Cruz insurance agency to revive

The Client’s Problem: Our client was about to close his insurance agency with three employees.


Recognizing the issue was Culture Collapse

Client was experiencing:

  • Lack of sales in a 30-day period
  • Employee engagement issues

The Visions to Excellence Solution:

Since I was their last-ditch effort to save the situation, the timing was critical. We needed to generate improvement fast! We identified the issue that was the primary cause of the sales slump (WHAT WAS IT?) and proposed a rather drastic solution to turn the situation around.

Results: It worked! Closing ratios increased from 2% to 10% within a couple of weeks and continued to rise to 25%-30% within 2 months. The doors are still open!

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