Business Success Stories

YOUR Business is UNIQUE. Make sure you have a CUSTOMIZED solution. That's what we do... that's how we're different.

Thanks to Doreen and Visions to Excellence, my dreams are coming true…

Samuel Schoonover

Working with Doreen Milano and visions to excellence has brought dramatic, positive changes to my life.

John Flaniken

Doreen is a highly experienced consultant, and business coach who draws on her experience as a CEO, CFO and Controller in private as well as public corporations.

Denis Roberts

“Doreen took the time to ask me the right questions until she understood how my business worked and what the dynamics were between my employees and me.”

Damon Cart

Every time we talked I took something away that was valuable and relative to the work I do every day.

Kelly Christensen

We’re Able to Align to ANY Industry or Vertical

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Here are just a few examples of industries in which we’ve provided client consultations:

  • Automotive executives
  • Real estate professionals
  • General Contractors
  • Marketing executives
  • Healthcare practitioners

And many more – so, let us help you with your business challenge!