Shift Your Focus and Take your TIME Back

My clients all have one thing in common — TIME — the lack of time.

Time is the one thing my clients have in common. 

They want more TIME!

Business owners work harder. They attempt to do more. Putting your business first is a popular tactic.  While it will lull you into a false sense of security because you have figured out how to create more time for your business in the short term. The damage created in important relationships with family and friends isn’t always recoverable!

Time is an Unstable Asset!

The truth about time is once lost it is not recoverable. Looking at time as a relied upon asset is the first problem. I’ll do it tomorrow is the adage used by many in business. I suggest you abandon time perspective. Choose to approach the problem from the activity perspective.

80/20 Rule

80% of your revenue is produced from 20% of what you do everyday!

This means that 80% of your time is spent in non-revenue producing activities.  WOW!!! The question is are the non-revenue activities necessary and do they need to be performed by you?

 Working more and doing the same things you are already doing isn’t going to produce a different result, as Einstein pointed out in his definition of insanity,

“The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. However, changing the paradigm this is where the fun begins.”


Think differently, plan differently, organize differently and focus on the 20% on revenue generating tasks. The resulting increase in cash flow allows outside solutions to be used in solving the mundane day to day activities.

Stop using TIME as the EXCUSE!

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