Managing Change Within Your Organization

With a new year brings new opportunities, challenges, and change. While it can bring growth and benefits it can also be a high stress period. A McKinsey study found that merely 26% of transformation initiatives succeed. So how do you manage it all? Hiring a business coach can help grow your chances of success and help transition during this season. 

I’ve gathered four tips to help you manage yourself and your organization during this transformation. 

Start small

Most successful transformations begin with small groups that are loosely connected but united by a shared purpose. At Visions to Excellence we work together with you to design solutions that meet the specific demands and challenges your organization faces. Our professional business advisors will help you produce measurable and sustainable results that give you a competitive edge.


Find the key change that needs to be made 

Identify the root of the problem not just surface level issues. Most significant problems have interconnected deeper causes, so trying to achieve an ambitious vision all at once is more likely to fail than it is to achieve results. Call us to discover how to remedy problems including poor cash flow, low sales, low profits, or employee turnover.


Work throughout the organization not just at the top 

In other words try to get everyone on board. Every large-scale change requires both leadership at the top and the widening and deepening of connections throughout the organization. We work with teams to get everyone aligned with the vision.


Overcoming these changes

What happens when the changes happen and are put into place? Often the most difficult part of any transformation effort is when the initial goals have been met. It’s Important to keep track of this progress to successfully adapt to these changes. Ask us about tools you can use to chart your progress and make the necessary adjustments to maintain momentum, keep on track, and reach your goals.