The Value Of Bringing Company Culture Online

Virtual events, meetings, and online communities are not a new idea but with the rise of safety concerns during the COVID-19 outbreak, these are becoming more common. Finding ways to continue to host events, network, and connect with others while obeying social distancing norms can be a challenge but adapting is crucial to our livelihood and our business. 

Not only adapting, but keeping our focus on things that matter most such as establishing a positive company culture. What makes a company stand out is not just the work they are doing, it’s the way they do it. What you have and what you do gets noticed: by customers and even competitors. 

Establishing Trust & Identify Your Company Culture

The most valuable asset you can attain is trust. In today’s world, we are connecting in so many ways including online and customers value authenticity and transparency in everything. This means that more than ever, brands need to lift the veil on their visions and services and show the human side of who they are and what they do.

Visions to Excellence is a business founded with a specific vision. Doreen Milano worked as a turn-around specialist for 30+ years. Doreen realized business get into trouble and needed her expertise because the business culture was broken. In an effort to make a difference by stopping the problem at the root cause…culture! 

So you may be asking yourself: What is my company culture? For many companies, this is the most difficult step. It requires an honest evaluation of your company, brand, team. It is our goal to help you identify this and reach new levels of performance. 

With these challenges in mind, we take an approach focused on the culture then engage cultural strategic steps to strengthen those areas that need improving. 

By focusing on building businesses, we create a stronger community. That means, if you are an entrepreneur, company executive or woman-owned, community-based organization, we’re here to help you grow and thrive by creating Community Hero’s!

Taking Your Company Culture Online

Once you have your company culture and core values defined, showing your company culture online becomes a lot easier. Showcasing this is an extension of how your culture is working within your organization, and will naturally be reflected in everything you do. The key to doing this well is to do so with strategy, intention, and most importantly heart. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  1. Share Your Experiences
  2. Keep a Consistent Messaging & Tone
  3. Focus on Human Interaction
  4. Be Honest 
  5. Offer Value

In efforts to help others by providing resources, discussion topics, and share our experiences and how we feel about them as they feed our future, I invite you to join my new Facebook Community: Revamp Reimagine & Prosper: A Collaboration Hosted by Doreen Milano, CPC. The purpose of this group is to have conversations and collaborations that change lives.

I am also hosting a virtual coffee every Wednesday morning at 7 AM CST & 9 AM CST / 7 AM PT. You can grab your cup of coffee and chat with me, Doreen Milano, CPC Founder of Visions to Excellence. This is a chance to ask questions, seek advice, and connect with other business professionals virtually.

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