Tired of Being Sold “A New Normal”?

Wooden bench on beach overlooking the ocean

Of late we have all heard phrases like “The New Normal” and “The New Next” being pushed about like they are the answer to what ails us as a community or society. This morning I started thinking about what social and economic leaders are trying to communicate using the phrases “The New …”.

Hearing something new, you have to put it into some kind of relatable context. Thinking about this as part of my morning processes, it occurred to me that you and I encounter events and make decisions every day.

Events like:

  • The birth of a new family member – which requires multiple changes in our routine.
  • Marriage – again massive personal changes to routines.
  • Sadly, deaths- especially of someone close – when this happens you are making foundational changes in life routines.

When you are faced with these events do you think of them as a “new normal” or a “new next’’? If you are like me, they are simply the next steps in our daily lives. Granted, there are many considerations that are made every day as you decide and look at the next steps you want to take. You look at time, health, happiness, viability, sustainability, and ease vs difficulty.

The next steps are about moving forward. The next steps are a commitment to engage. In taking the next step you recognize the scenery will change. Is it easy? For some yes, for others not at all. In the isolation, society and communities have experienced there is a very real segment that is terrified.

Reach into your circle and touch those who have suffered losses or even multiple losses. For them, isolation has added an additional toll to the losses they have suffered. They may need support in taking their next step.

Is Business Failure- Business as Usual?

Today, there is no business as usual. Today business is about supporting our neighbors and communities in making the next step together, 6 feet apart. If your business has more than it can handle, collaborate! The community in which you live, and the health of the community, is a foundational consideration for your Business.

Let’s face it, businesses are failing all around us. There are reasons, excuses, of all shades and colors yet none of the reasons hold the answer as to the next step. What would happen IF you took a fresh look at the foundation of your business? If you really looked at the core values of the business and what those values mean to your clients today! Do those values need to change? How are those values creating benefits for your clients NOW?

Have you really taken the time to evaluate your client’s needs? Have you had those meaningful conversations with your clients? Is your original mission still supporting the delivery of the client benefit by your company and staff?  When was the last time you really looked and evaluated your results?

Visions to Excellence supports businesses in establishing cohesive foundational systems that are the core of the company culture, commitments, and behaviors. Doreen Milano learned in her years supporting corporations and fixing their bottom line, that the problems stemmed from the foundational systems and flowed into the balance sheet and income statement. By fixing the core and foundation the balance sheet and income statement recovered.