Is Thank You Enough? Relationships are the Key!

Thank You. Relationships are the Key

Is Thank You enough communication?  If you own a business or work in a business, there are literally scores of people you come into contact with.

You are servicing your clients. You’re  vendors are servicing your business.  . The employees are interacting with vendors, clients and you. The focal point in these interactions is building strong relationships.

In order to build strong relationships rapport is a must. If you will indulge me, I would like to ask some questions.

  • What happens after the rapport is built?
  • How do you acknowledge the relationships in the business?




The top questions I ask my clients about business relationships are:

  1. How are you honoring your company’s values in these relationships?
  2. Is each type of relationship paired with the correct values?
  3. What is each of the relationship types looking for within the interactions with the business?
  4. Is the only acknowledgement a thank you?

Is Thank You the Best We Can Do?

I ask these questions to assist the business in making clear choices around each relationship. This will allow the business to focus on being of service within the relationship.

Every relationship is important to your business.

 Acknowledgement is often overlooked in the communication cycle!

When you go to the dry cleaners, post office, grocery store, repair facility etc., at the end of the transaction you receive one of these responses:

  • Nothing – SILENCE, cavernous dead air
  • Thanks – no eye contact – no acknowledgement of a human nature
  • Thank you for shopping with us – eye contact and a smile
  • Thanks Mrs. Milano, it’s so nice to see you again! Eye contact, a smile and a handshake

Which of the Examples above catch your attention?

Thank You meaningless without human connection.

Vendors Hold a Key to Your Growth

Vendors can assist you in many areas of your business. Your ability to expand capacity or to sell more can all be solved by an outside vendor. Building strong Vendor Relationships is a vital element in growing your business.

Vendors, like your customers want to know they are meeting your needs. They also need to know that your recognize their efforts when they go above and beyond your expectations.

In order for us to talk about business relationships we also talking about Customer Service as a separate topic. So here are 12 hot tips to unforgettable Customer Service!

The 12 Qualities of Unforgettable Customer Service:

  1. Remember what it is like being a customer (put yourself in their shoes).
  2. Know your services/products and limitations.
  3. Greet each customer like you would your friend.
  4. Have fun.
  5. Make product connections.
  6. Ensure that the customer buys the best service/product for their needs.
  7. The customer comes to you with their needs; find out what they are and make sure you fulfill them completely.
  8. Fact: People make purchases based primarily on their interaction with the people representing the company; think as though you are the service/product.
  9. Remember; building relationships builds profit.
  10. Never over-promise, misrepresent, exaggerate, or lie! Be accurate with every promise.
  11. Help the customer feel valued.
  12. And say, ‘Thank You’ in an authentic and meaningful intereaction.


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