In One-Day YOU can Start Achieving the Results You Want For Your Small Business

What would happen if in 6-8 hours you could have the problems your business faces magically disappear?

We can’t guarantee the magic, we can guarantee a solid strategy for removing the problems your business faces on a daily basis which could include:

  • Team building
  • Associate and client engagement
  • Crisis intervention
  • Cash flow management systems and 
  • Accountability training

Predictable Results of the Interactive Company One-Day Program:

  • A substantial return on capital investment
  • Increased accountability of owners and the work force
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness throughout the entire organization
  • Effective/clear communication among all Owners and employees
  • A dramatic increase in morale and job satisfaction
  • Step one in building a culture that consistently produces predictable, measurable results
  • Clear expectations
  • Champions of the culture that supports the business
  • A dramatic reduction in employee turnover
  • Permanent resolution of consistent or persistent problems
  • An increase in overall client satisfaction
  • Identifying Key Performance Criteria and Indicators


15-20 Stakeholders (Owners Managers, Leaders, Work force, Clients, Vendors, Investors)

Business Core Values

Business Purpose Statement (the benefit your business brings to the client base, how you change the lives of your clients)

Business Mission Statement (How your workforce Delivers your product in excellence)

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