Doreen Milano, CPC

Have you ever been in a situation where you were looking for some business documents and you couldn’t find the folder they were in or the stack of paper you know you put them with?  Have you noticed how your memory plays nasty little tricks on you all the time especially when you are busy […]

How many of you throw your business receipts into a drawer in your desk? Is your idea of filing building mounds atop your desk? We have all heard stories of the reluctant business owner forced to compile these things only to dump them on the accountant’s lap. It’s not a fun task for either party. What […]

In my career, one of the challenges I faced was being asked to change the destiny of a company.

I often ask my clients with small businesses if they respond to every opportunity with open arms. I hear back a variety of answers. Mostly the answers are a form of yes. It’s paying attention what’s driving the “no’s” that is ultimately important.

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