As Life Goes On

Bridging the gap as life goes on

I have been in a whirlwind of natural disasters, family health issues, massive business change and as life goes on around me, I realize nothing slows down.

Even though the need for the world to stop for a moment so we can catch our collective breath and more importantly our singular breath, nothing stops moving forward. Furthermore nothing stops circumstances from unfolding. And life goes on.


As we deal with natural disasters and the emotional toll as people reel from the total loss of their possessions, livelihoods, transportation, and family units in the worst case, the reality is that we are all we really have.

The government is not going to be our savior. As individuals, we have to rely on our neighbors, friends, churches, and volunteers who are leaving their family to help and social circles to help heal our wounds.

Focus shifts under these circumstances and you shift into a higher energy mode where you rely on yourself and your resources. My friends in Houston had to adapt quickly to the disaster unfolding around them. Their shifts in focus in no particular order seemed to be:

  1. Survival
  2. Return
  3. Reliance on others
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Gathering resources
  6. Asking for needed resources they could not gather themselves
  7. Clean up
  8. Begin the recovery

And life goes on.

Survival Issues You Take for Granted

Every day it feels like I am  spoiled by breathing sweet clean air, driving to the market to pick up fresh food, stopping at the local station to fill up the car, flipping a switch for electricity, and finally turning on thenfaucet for fresh clean water!

Having moved here from California, many of the survival issues hurricane victims are dealing with are new to me:

  1. Mold forming in a hot humid climate in a matter of days
  2. Need for mold masks
  3. No gas
  4. Or electricity
  5. Fresh water was scarce
  6. Flooded Roads so you were stranded without a boat
  7. Limited access to cash
  8. Availability to fresh food

With all this new understanding, I noticed a difference in the thinking of my fellow neighbors and businesses. I used to just write a check, I would get involved if it was a friend or neighbor that needed help after an earthquake, fire, tsunami or other natural disaster.

No One Waited for Permission Before They Acted

When I witnessed people connecting their businesses to the relief efforts via assisting local charitable agencies I was awe struck. If you had a boat you used it to rescue, if you had an SUV or a truck you ferried needed supplies. Businesses rented 18-wheelers and filled them with supplies to be delivered to relief stations in the affected area.

Realtors and Brokers worked with clients to secure housing as an example. People gave what was in their wheelhouse to make a difference for the people involved. There was no prompting from the government, there were only people acting out of their own conscious, giving from their hearts to alleviate any suffering they could.

You, me, all of us can make a difference to others as life goes on.

As Life Goes on

I want to take a moment, breathe, and acknowledge all of you for your generosity of spirit and heart in the wake of the natural disasters that have befallen Texas and now Florida and the unsung heroes who risk, support, donate, and care for the victims as they reclaim their lives.

All the people who are suffering as a result of the natural disasters arc still struggling. They are not in the headlines, yet they still need our help.

Make a difference TODAY!

Please continue to give to the relief charity of your choosing. Your generosity is important to assist in the recovery efforts.