Information Overload is a Reality

Are you dealing with the separate concerns of employees, colleagues, and bosses who are all knocking on your door? That’s information overload. Six hundred emails, with 20 flagged urgent? 10 missed calls? A never-ending to-do list? Information overload. You get the point.

Such data can be verbal, auditory, or in writing. It can be physical or digital. It doesn’t matter how it comes in, but it all can be overwhelming and cause stress.

The question you’re probably asking is well, how do I overcome it? We cover a few tips in this video.

1. Keep things simple. The less information you present – the easier it is to understand.

2. Stay relevant. Information that actually meets the user’s needs is less likely to overwhelm.

3. Keep it clear. Simplicity and relevance are good but information needs clarity to be effective.

4. Provide supporting and balanced information. If you need more information, make sure it’s accessible. You should present both sides rather than just one.

5. Most importantly: Pay attention to the right things. Stay focused and keep your goal in mind.

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