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Visions to Excellence is a business founded with a specific vision. Doreen Milano worked as a turn-around specialist for 30+ years. Doreen realized business get into trouble and needed her expertise because the Business Culture was Broken! Wanting to make a difference by stopping the problem at the root cause…Culture! 

All businesses have a Culture. 

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Mark Fields CEO of Ford

The question is “Does the Culture represent the Best or worst the business has to offer?”

With offices in the United States, we offer customized services to help you achieve realistic goals, implement lasting solutions, and deliver long-term value for your business.

It is our goal to help you reach new levels of performance. To achieve this, we work with you to identify the challenges facing your business. 

With these challenges in mind, we take an approach focused on the Culture then engage cultural strategic steps to strengthen those areas that need improving. 

By focusing on building businesses, we create a stronger community. That means, if you are an entrepreneur, company executive or woman-owned, community-based organization, we’re here to help you grow and thrive by creating Community Hero’s!

Visions to Excellence

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We work closely with you to understand your business’ goals, vision, and challenges. Whatever stage your business is in, we work with you to build a Culture Foundation then work with a company on  a strategic roadmap to professional development, business growth, and profitability.

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