Why You Need a Business Coach in 2020

This year is the start of a new decade. As the New Year resolutions pour in, hiring a business coach is a great way to stay accountable. At Visions to Excellence we believe focusing on building businesses, we create a stronger community. That means, if you are an entrepreneur, company executive or woman-owned, community-based organization, we’re here to help you grow and thrive. We’ve put together 5 reasons why you need a business coach in 2020.

1. Align your personal and business goals 

You have goals in mind but how do you make the differentiation between personal and business? More importantly, how can the two can align? We take a strategic approach to help you evaluate and focus in on your goals in both life and business. 


2. Learn to plan & prioritize your time 

How often do you spend time on things that aren’t aligned with your goals? You may be working and busy but are you being productive and prioritizing what needs to get done? Our Founder, Doreen Milano developed the 8-step P.A.S.S.P.O.R.T. System to Business Growth to guide you through the process of establishing an strategic business plan and then equip you with all of the skills needed to execute it. 


3. Find clarity and confidence 

It’s easy to get bogged down by information overload and lose sight of what is most important. We can help you find the clarity you need and be confident in doing so. Break out of your comfort zone and make 2020 a year of growth and success. 


4. Be held accountable to your New Year goals 

Accountability is crucial for success, but it can be hard to find. Your friends are there but sometimes you need an outside view or tough love to keep you focused. Outside of yourself it is important to establish accountability within your team.


5. Challenge yourself with a stretch goal you feel is impossible and win it!

Try something new this year by setting a stretch goal. A stretch goal differs from a normal goal in two ways one it can be extreme difficulty. These involve radical expectations that go beyond current capabilities and performance. Extreme novelty. This doesn’t necessarily mean working harder but working in a different way.


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