Samuel Schoonover

Thanks to Doreen and Visions to Excellence, my dreams are coming true… and they are big dreams! Over my 38-year professional career, which included founding and directing two nonprofits, I worked with five different personal and business coaches. Doreen embodies the best that each had to offer, and more. She understands the big picture I have; her intuitive insight is like she almost knows what I am thinking. She sees my strengths and weaknesses. Doreen guides me to set goals and prioritize the steps of my business plan in a way that does not overwhelm me; and then helps me break it down in doable steps. She also lifts me up emotionally, and motivates me to improve in the business skills needed most to become a complete success, and makes learning the hard stuff fun. I trust her implicitly. I am reaching my goal of becoming a paid Executive Director thanks to her belief in me and her tenacious drive and energy that motivates me to follow through with the right steps. Thank you Doreen for bringing out in the best in me!