Do you ever ask yourself what am I working towards? Am I fulfilling a purpose? Why am I doing this? The need for a sense of purpose in life and in work is something everyone strives for. This urge often goes unfulfilled causing lack of motivation and often going through the motions in your work. […]

Your purpose affects your Impact: In business In family In social circles In spirit They all have your purpose at the core! The definition of impact is: to have a strong effect on someone or something. “high interest rates have impacted on retail spending” Synonyms are: affect, influence, have an affect on, make an impression […]

My Kingdom for a MAP

Has your life worked out pretty well by most people’s standards? Yet you know there’s something more you can’t seem to put your finger on? These questions both resonate in the personal and business arena. There are days, and we have all had them, where it would be so much easier if we had possession […]