My Kingdom for a MAP

  • Has your life worked out pretty well by most people’s standards?
  • Yet you know there’s something more you can’t seem to put your finger on?
  • These questions both resonate in the personal and business arena.

There are days, and we have all had them, where it would be so much easier if we had possession of our personal map!

In the late seventy’s I read a book “Dare to Win” written by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield. One Chapter was written on the subject of “Purpose”. The over-all message was finding your purpose gave you the compass and map for your life.

That particular chapter changed my life as I knew it then! It set me on a very specific path to where I am today. That path led me to places where I built ongoing relationships, it led me to people who are my teachers and some people who are my co-conspirators.

Ultimately the path led me to companies where I was able to serve my purpose and do what I love!

If you could truly get in touch with the idea that you were created unique and special, that you have a very important purpose, what would that be like? To be clear, we are all unique, I know you have heard it before. I am asking you to listen from a different place.

Ego aside, do you know of anyone who has lived the exact same circumstances, desires, experiences, beliefs as you have? NO? Might that mean that anything you create such as your business would have the same unique characteristics?

I am asking you to recognize that spark of genius that is uniquely you and discover your purpose. Use the tool to create a path to your greatness.

The map and compass is the divine purpose we each have.

We’re talking about tapping into spirit. You’re not just another person, like a speck of sand.

You were miraculously created.

Knowing your divine purpose and using it as your guide is the best map you could have. Tapping into your purpose can guide you and your business to connect deeply with the people and businesses you serve.