Establishing Accountability within Your Team 

Accountability is important in every aspect but it’s not easy to achieve. Lack of it can cause stress, guilt, and low self-esteem. It doesn’t have to be this way, having accountability within your team makes for success and efficiency. Today I want to go over the 5 C’s for building accountability that can last and drive your team.

Common Purpose

The Why? What is the importance and why does it matter to you and your team?

Clear Expectations

This goes both ways. Get clear about who does what and lay it out.


Focus and align everyone involved. Explain how it is going to be accomplished. What resources might they consider using?


Monitor the progress and coach. Don’t assume someone is doing, remind and keep them on track. This varies person to person.


Make results and consequences visible. Assess results and outcomes. Don’t make this negative, celebrate successes as well.

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