A List of Resources for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, it’s easy to access resources you just have to take some time to find them. From online articles to books or courses to extend your knowledge on areas you struggle in, I’ve made a list of some must-haves that can help you with your success.

“Warren Buffett credits his success to reading and Bill Gates reads about 50 books a year. Mark Cuban says he reads more than three hours a day and Elon Musk learned how to build rockets by, you guessed it, reading.”

1. Read Start With Why by Simon Sinek



This book is all about leadership and is an essential read for every business owner. Sinek’s key idea is that too many leaders focus so much on what they want to do that they forget why they want to do it.

That’s a problem because, Sinek says, the best way to inspire yourself and others is to focus on communicating the “why” rather than the “how” or the “what.” Start With Why gives you three ways to do this, helping you energize your business to reach new heights.


2. Join Alignable



Alignable is where small business owners build trusted relationships and generate referrals. Join for free and increase word-of-mouth for your business.

3. Read Small Biz Daily Blog



Ideas, insights, information and inspiration for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Your guide to small business startup and growth.


4. Online Courses at U.S. Small Business Administration ( SBA )


Learning Center. The SBA offers a variety of online courses to help you start and run your business.

5. Read Small Business Guide 101



ShopKeep’s blog has a section called Small Business 101 that is entirely dedicated to planning and executing a new small business launch. This free small business resource is loaded with information and tools for each of the following topics: Inspiration, Planning, Structure, Finance, Regulations, Insurance, Location, Store Design, Equipment, Inventory, Staffing, Marketing, and Growth & Exit Strategies.


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