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Doreen’s real-world experience and credibility helps you to create action steps for your business that can be implemented immediately to bring about positive business outcomes.
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My Kingdom for a MAP

Has your life worked out pretty well by most people’s standards? Yet you know there’s something more you can’t seem to put your finger on?

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Big Ideas, Small Business with Doreen Milano

Doreen hosts a show entitled “Big Ideas, Small Business with Doreen Milano” on the Off Beat Business Media Network. She works with small and mid-market service-based companies, helping them connect and engage their business culture to enhance profitability.

Today when business leadership is having to accommodate both in-house and remote workforces, often the company culture takes a hit and consistency goes to the back burner. “Big Ideas, Small Business with Doreen Milano” was created so you know the business culture doesn’t have to slip unnoticed into the background.