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Running your own business can be exasperating. You spend so much time dealing with pressing issues and immediate concerns that it can be difficult to find the time to plan ahead. You face constant obstacles to growth. It’s easy to work very hard and feel like you’re not getting anywhere. If you’re a start-up business owner, you may feel especially overwhelmed by all of the decisions you face and your lack of experience and expertise. Even the best entrepreneurs struggle with the back and forth between the here and now and planning for the future. Business mentors understand these concerns. They can help make a road map where you once had chaos.

When Should You Hire a Business Mentor?

There is no right or wrong time to make use of business mentor services. Some people seek our mentors to help build their confidence at the start of a business venture. Others seek guidance when they are at a plateau in growth. Because mentors have usually been in business for a long time themselves, they can step in at any time in the business process and assist with critical decisions.

It’s important to note that business mentors do not make your decisions for you. Mentors provide a “sounding board” for your ideas. They give advice when it is asked for, and they help you make successful decisions. You are able to learn from the wisdom of their experiences. They can introduce you to other people who can help you, and they can grow your network.

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Visions to Excellence’s Business Mentor Program is for business owners or executives who find themselves in uncertain or unclear business situations and can benefit from expert guidance. The program provides information, training, and guidance in a way that addresses each business owner’s specific needs, while providing him or her with the structure that they need. Our mentors and coaches provide clarity, accountability, and focus to your business decisions.

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