Managing Business Personality Types

The progress of any business is impacted by the personalities of those who lead it. Each owner, manager or team leader is different from the next with patterns of behavior that help or hinder business success. Our business advisors help you identify the personalities within your company, including your own, and determine how best to maximize performance.


The Athlete

Profile: Always on full bore. The Athlete is big into training and being prepared for any eventuality. When the Athlete has reached the “preparation readiness” stage, it’s all systems go, pull out all the stops! Adjustments are made on the fly as the business moves forward at breakneck speed.

Rewards: The newest, brightest and best are always at the forefront of company operations. There is a drive and a culture to be the best you can be and make continual improvement, which will help you beat out your competition.

Risks: Not all associates are given enough time to get on board, so the company vision isn’t embraced by everyone and teamwork to reach your goals isn’t maximized. Decisions may be made without adequate thought. The backend of the business may be less developed than the front; certain systems and processes may need more attention.


The Mother

Profile: A woman or man, the Mother is a nurturer who sees the company and its clients as one big family needing care. With others’ best interests at heart, the Mother’s goal is to make sure that everyone has what they need to feel happy, comfortable and protected.

Rewards: Employees and clients feel like they belong are valued and that their opinions are heard and considered. Conversations are informal, comfortable, and honest. The Mother sets the tone for a caring corporate culture.

Risks: Business and friendship are commingled; the necessary defining lines are missing. This can create several big challenges. The company can’t move forward when there is not a 100% buy-in from all, and sales will be stalled if employees are uncomfortable with the idea of sales/selling.


The Monarch & The General

Profile: These business personality types are authoritarians who call all the shots and expect their subjects to follow out their commands to a T. The Monarch has put a precise structure into place and expects the business to run like clockwork. The General is very similar to the Monarch; just add steroids. The main difference is the General is not easily swayed. There is more effort in building the relationship, and loyalty is even more important. The General gathers information and issues orders.

Rewards: Loyalty will be high among employees who have proven themselves and are able to thrive in this environment. These long-time employees understand the authoritarian’s goals and vision and perform well with confidence.

Risks: Employee turnover can be an issue because employees will either conform, adapt or leave. Employees may feel insecure until they have proven their mettle. Training to enable new employees to find their place and help others advance may be lacking.


The Superman & the Wonder-Woman

Profile: These business personality types can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Faster than a speeding bullet, the Superman defends but does not attack. The Superman needs to take care of  the individuals in his care: employees and clients. Like the Superman, the Wonder Woman can do it all: juggling business, family, friends, and relationships to everyone’s best advantage.

Rewards: Everyone wants to work for these larger than life, popular, and successful business leaders, so there is the opportunity to hire the cream of the crop. The can-do attitude at the top radiates down through the ranks. Employees enjoy the protection and loyalty of their boss, enabling them to grow and contribute more toward the success of the business.

Risks: The Superman’s kryptonite Achilles’ heel is the inability to let go of people who are not meeting their performance goals. This situation requires the rest of the team to work harder to compensate for the underachievers, creating codependent relationships. The weak links feel insecure and out of place, and the others are likely to be disgruntled.


The Flower-child

Profile: Born of the 60s flower power phenomenon, the Flower Child embraces a Utopia-based philosophy for life and business. Passionate, creative, and multi-talented, Flower Children are often solopreneurs. Many build nontraditional businesses that are loose and flowing, with as few systems and processes as possible. Their businesses are always going through a metamorphosis as the Flower Child is open to new ideas and makes room at the top for talent to rise within the company.

Rewards: The Flower Child creates the perfect environment for new and creative ideas.

Risks: There may be a lack of focus on a single market or product. Not enough attention is given to a business plan, developing a unique selling proposition, or a marketing plan. The constant change makes it difficult if not impossible to develop a profitable business, let alone a living.


The Cheerleader

Profile: Wow, what fun, what charisma! Everyone wants to be close to the energy and enthusiasm of the Cheerleader! They are always busy with a full schedule; their voice mail is always full, and their social calendar is enviable. The Cheerleader knows the employees personally and cheers them on to work hard and a positive attitude.

Rewards: The Cheerleader’s business is usually successful because positive energy rolls off him/her in waves, and everybody jumps on board to help the Cheerleader win. Incredibly supportive, the Cheerleader makes employees feel valued, and in turn they work hard to fulfill the Cheerleader’s expectations.

Risks: The Cheerleader can become discouraged or distraught when faced with a prolonged spell of adversity. Sometimes this archetype will become stuck and unable to choose a direction when there is too much turmoil, throwing him/her into helplessness.

Failing to appropriately manage these common behavior types will reduce business progress. Our professional consultants will help you create a strategy for recognizing and handling each one.


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