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Our executive business management classes are based on the P.A.S.S.P.O.R.T. System, a proven process created by Visions to Excellence for building and implementing winning businesses. By attending these interactive classes, you and your management team will gain all of the knowledge and tools needed to create sustainable growth and profits. Classes will be led by our Visions to Excellence professional advisors.

Key benefits of attending include:

  • Discover what your financials tell you about your leadership
  • Critical success factors for managing smooth and rapid growth
  • Understand how to plan now for future opportunities and problems
  • Strategies and tools for improving sales up to 300%
  • Strengthening your business culture and engaging everyone

Please, take a look at the detailed descriptions of our classes – we look forward to supporting you through your professional development!


Sales – Growing or Shrinking?

Are your sales falling off, flat or maybe just falling?

Clients often call me, overwhelmed with this aspect of their business. Either they have more sales than they can handle (a problem everyone wants) or they are experiencing issues with either the sales team, the clients, or removing the obstacles in their way. While there are several variables such as culture, product, and price point, the basic principles do not change.

My clients have many of the same excuses such as:

  • The new employees are not fitting in.
  • Our growth is limited by available capital.
  • We can’t seem to train our sales team to close.
  • We don’t know how many contacts it takes to close a sale.

How would you like the excuses to not matter? How would it feel to know your bottom line is stable or is growing?
In this class learn:

  • How to handle more business.
  • How to merge new employees into your community,
  • How your company culture supports your clients.
  • The client relationship is everyone’s responsibility, do your employees know what it means?
  • Learn the answers to these questions and much more as we explore the client connection with your company.
  • Authentic communication, does everyone practice it?
  • Learn tips to communication and how it affects culture and authenticity.

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Business Update

Review the past, measure the present and predict the future.
Bring your business back into your vision.
Many of my clients are at either a crossroads or they are in uncharted territory in their business. They are having difficulty because the last time they reviewed their business plan, purpose, vision and mission is when they started the business. There have not been any updates, yet your business has continued to move.

  • Bring your vision to reality.
  • Check in on your values and purpose.
  • Updating / creating your business plan.
  • Updating your market definition and client niche.
  • Updating processes and procedures.
  • Time management: get more time off for family and friends.
  • Better customer relations.
  • Improving customer retention.

Learn what you can do today to have positive impact on tomorrow!


First Impressions: A Day with the Experts

This is a loaded subject! My clients are always asking about this.
This class is a panel with an open forum to ask and have answered those critical questions about marketing and promotion.

This class assumes you already have a viable marketing plan in place.

The class will feature experts in:

  • Branding
  • Websites
  • Print
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media

And will cover the subjects:

  • Representing you and your business in person, online, and in print.
  • The best place to find your prospects.
  • Get more visits to your web site.
  • Optimize web advertising.
  • Best use of social media.
  • Print media (business cards, flyers, etc.).
  • How effective are phone calls, emails, blogging?