Doreen Milano, CPC

Founder, Visions to Excellence

Create a new path to success by realigning your values and shifting your mindset

Doreen's mission is to help you resolve obstacles related to values, core beliefs and mindsets through a system of coaching designed for this purpose. It will enable you to step back, explore and discover insights into deeply held beliefs as well as past experiences, decisions and actions. It will give you the opportunity to open your mind to new ways of thinking and acting, and make positive shifts in your outlook, attitude and behavior. It’s like giving yourself and your business a new lease on life!

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David Slaughter

Expert in Corporate Development

David’s background is in both the public and private sectors. For 24 years, David worked in the retail clothing business for a Houston based public company, Stage Stores Inc. Rising from sales to become a Sr. VP, David was responsible for 200 stores, 14 districts and 3500 employees while overseeing $500 million in annual sales. The experience provided David with a business education as he learned the inner workings of business growth and strategy, the value and rewards of goal setting, personnel development and motivation, training, and the art of winning and losing. After leaving Stage Stores Inc, David went back to school to obtain his undergraduate degree and in May 2013, he graduated with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies and a minor in Communications, was named student of the year at the University of Houston-Downtown, and was honored to deliver the commencement speech in front of 18,000 people at Minute Maid Park, most notably in front of his 5 children. His first book, Major Opportunities, the Door is Wide Open was released nationally on September 9, 2013. This book (available on Amazon) details what happens when anyone decides to embrace opportunities to be recognized in business and in their personal lives by knocking on, walking through and maximizing doors of major opportunity. David is currently completing his second book, Major Opportunities of Mind, Heart and Soul, scheduled for release on September 9, 2015. He is also completing his masters in nonprofit management and will graduate in December 2015 with his MA.    

David complements our team of Bay Area business consultants by providing deep expertise in corporate development and small business development. As a motivational speaker, fundraiser for non-profits (one of his passions) and writer, he is dedicated to ongoing education, strategic planning and development and the use of best practices as an effective long term sustainable business strategy. David sees the world through the eyes of both sectors and we are thrilled to include him on our team of accomplished experts, available to help you and your business excel.

According to David, “Major Opportunities can be maximized by embracing change with a positive attitude while overcoming obstacles with determination, passion and enthusiasm.” 

Brad Denniston

San Jose Business Coach, Man of Many Hats

Brad Denniston has over 40 years of combined business and coaching experience. Brad helps people make big shifts in what they think is possible. He is currently the founder and architect of a four-year-old Silicon Valley startup focused on network management software. He has owned and run several companies and has also held positions as marketing manager, software engineer and software manager. Brad taught Computer Science at San Jose State University for several years. He received coaching training at CTI, whose programs set the industry standard for quality, global recognition and scientific efficacy. This combination of experience as a business owner, active San Jose business coach, and training education makes Brad an invaluable sounding board for business owners and a great addition to our team of Bay area business consultants. "A General's plan is only as good as the officers who carry it out. In a small business many/most of your officers are you. Are they the best you can get? Are you the best person to help them to be better?"