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Business Problems Are Complex

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If you have ever felt that sense of Overwhelm when it comes to your business, if the thoughts about Cash Flow, Profitability, and Employees are a worry, you need to know you are not alone. These are issues that keep you up at night. These are the core issues that keep most owners bleary eyed.

Remember when your business used to be FUN, when did that disappear?

How would you like your business to be about Passion and Fun once again?

We support you and your business by understanding and developing:

  • The Passion for You and your team while understanding the Key Contributions
  • Dispelling Overwhelm
  • Building the Cash and equity portion of your business while Increasing Cash Flow
  • Supporting the development of Employee systems
  • Building systems for Customer Retention
  • Developing clear paths to the decision process.


Our Step-By-Step Process to Profitability
  • Planning

    Purpose, objectives, business model, vision, mission, product, financial, client niche, funding & exit plan.

  • Action

    Implement plan, create advisory team.

  • Systems

    Create operational systems, implement systems.

  • Support

    Phone support, client support , email response.

  • Process

    Aligning client wants & needs. Systematically and continuously improving business effectiveness. Creating written procedural outlines, and clearly defining employee responsibilities.

  • Opportunity

    Business growth, marketing to build share, build referrals.

  • Reporting

    Monthly, quarterly, yearly financial results, comparison with previous period last year, evaluate effectiveness of processes.

  • Training

    Prepare materials on new procedures, prepare materials for new employees, educate clients how to work with you.

Our Services

We will help you to resolve specific problems, fill in the gaps in your business education, or increase your personal effectiveness in the workplace. If you are just starting up, we will help you build and implement a strategic business plan that gives you the roadmap, tools, and skills to achieve your vision.

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Executive business management classes are based on the P.A.S.S.P.O.R.T. System for building and implementing winning businesses. You and your management team will gain all of the knowledge and tools needed to create sustainable growth and profits. Classes areĀ led by Visions to Excellence professional advisors.

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